Confirmed: the Pirelli 2017 will ride at my maximum in the race


Pirelli expressed throughout the months leading up to the preseason test his concern for the result that would give the new wider tires to 2017. The main reason was that the development had to be done with cars from 2015 modified that, despite everything, did not reach the levels of downforce that the cars today are offering.

For this reason, the stress that have been subjected to the tyres in this first week of test was a land unknown to the Italian brand, but Paul Hembery has confirmed that the initial data have been satisfactory and that she has achieved the goal set by the FIA and the teams of the category. “we’re satisfied with the results of these four days. So we have been able to see until now, the new product is consistent with our expectations. For the season 2017, we were asked to develop tires with less degradation that would allow the riders to push to the maximum. That is what we have seen during these four days of the test and what we will continue to see the week that comes” said Hembery.

it Is expected, therefore, that the pilots can return to compete without fear of overheating the tires or to degrade them in excess, perking up to fight a greater extent on track without relying on both strategies that, in addition, will be minimized this year by the reduction of pit stops.