Conflict in Maranello for the rental of Ferrari cars


In Maranello there are several car rental companies, offer a total of 37 units of this brand. For example, in the pit lane Red Passion prices range from 70 euros for 10 minutes in a 430 Spider, up to 1,200 euros for two hours or 100 miles in a Ferrari FF. rents can be on the open road or on a track, and that last one is quite more expensive.

while the routes on the open road do not pose a road safety problem is relevant, since all the cars are going with an instructor, starts to be annoying. Think of everything that one would do, honestly, if you leave a Ferrari the minute that your pocket allows you. As a minimum a couple of sudden acceleration in vacuum.

To reconcile the right of the residents of Maranello to rest and have a quiet life, the mayor’s office has reduced the hours that these tests can be performed, and prohibits rental car companies to attract customers in the Ferrari Museum, with some 300,000 annual visitors.


The businessmen have protested the loss of business that is, up to 80% according to CNBC, since they are the time of greatest movement. Needless to say, having a fleet of Ferrari for rent has made a huge investment, which you have to recover.

In the first three quarters of the year, the local police has put more than 450 traffic controls in the affected cars of the brand. According to local statistics, in five years have put a 305 in fines.

it Is clear, with an annual production of 7,000 units as a maximum, and with the prices they have their cars, Ferrari are not affordable. So yes, a rental per minute is within the reach of many pockets, and the time make use of it. It is difficult to find a middle ground that satisfies all parties.


The entrepreneurs are studying how to revive their businesses, because they can no longer live alone of the souvenir shops or cafes, although to collect coffees for the price of printer cartridges. Of time have already been lost by the court.

Maybe will have to put a minimum top of minutes, to give time to take out the cars of the people so as not to disturb the neighbors. Total, customers will never go missing, especially the more purchasing power they have.

Ferrari wants to be perceived as a manufacturer of luxury products, like Hermes or Armani, not as a mere car manufacturer. Of time has already been partially separated from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles with an output of its capital stock, both in New York and soon in Milan.