Conner Assembly is dismissed; FCA closes the factory of the Dodge Viper

current generation of the Dodge Viper has not been the sales success that the u.s. firm and FCA expected. The radicality of the model has been surpassed by their rivals and not to be the last has cost them the end of the production. In addition to this situation, it also binds another, more complex: the next day, September 1, comes into force a new regulation in matters of safety and the model of the viper may not meet. All in all, raise right now a substitute is a movement FCA can’t afford and for this reason it is best to sacrifice it.

cease production of the Dodge Viper is not something that we take again, as the us firm has communicated this in an official manner the past year. However, it is still expected that the plant from which leaves, Conner Assembly, be kept operational for another model with similar characteristics. This situation has not been possible since last June 30, the firm formally communicated that he expected to be able to relocate 80 workers of the plant in the other Group’s FCA.

This production centre, has assembled the Dodge Viper since more than 25 years ago (with some stops) and it is the smaller facility (and perhaps unhelpful) that has the Group FCA in the world. In it, to day of today, the real productive capacity is far below the installed and therefore is a center that is underutilized with the consequent cost that this entails. For this reason, its closure (we do not know if final) will ensure a reduction in fixed costs (structural level) and an improvement (minimal) in its balance sheet at the end of this year.

August 31 is the day marked on the calendar for the cessation of the production of this legendary model. The last units that will are already more than sold, and maybe now you notice a growth with respect to last year. In the entire year of 2016 Dodge sold 630 Vipers, which represents 8.7 percent less than in 2015. All in all, this model was always very exclusive and radical, so it is not surprising that in a matter of a short time become a real jewel for collectors and more if it is the units of this generation.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA)

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