Consumer Reports believes to have demonstrated that the TDI of Volkswagen will be slower and will spend more after the patch (video)

Remains the million dollar question, how much power will be lost TDI Volkswagen after your review? do you consume more than now? it Is difficult to answer this question, especially if we take into account that the information that Volkswagen has been given about the engines affected and the so-called defeat device is insufficient, even to try to demonstrate empirically the operation of this device (better said, of this evil software). Consumer Reports has been proposed, once more, to attempt a calculation of the power loss and the increase in consumption which in appearance will lead to the correction of the engines TDI fraudulent Volkswagen.

Consumer Reports tried to “trick” two Jetta TDI (a MY2011 and a MY2015) to believe that they were being tested on a bank of rollers, and thus to analyze the loss of performance and increased consumption that leads to the defeat device (and therefore its correction).

The result is seemingly clear. In its tests, Consumer Reports found that TDI Volkswagen had been a little bit slower, a few tenths in the 0 to 100 km/h, when it is forced to operate with defeat device. To do this used two Volkswagen Jetta TDI, affected by the fraud of the TDI, a MY2011 and a MY2015. Their tests showed minimal differences in performance, but also in consumption, differences that were greater in the 2011 model, as in the model of 2015. Even so, how to force the operation defeat device to come to these conclusions?

how Much power will lose the TDI of Volkswagen souped-up without the “defeat device”? What video is this the answer we expect?

According to Consumer Reports, the defeat device TDI Volkswagen would be based on a predetermined pattern of operation. The car would detect that we activate the “warning” and, with the ignition on, but engine off, step on the throttle a few times. Consumer Reports also would have disconnected the sensor on the train back to the car technically think that the rear wheels do not rotate, emulating a bench test roller. The big problem is that we don’t know if these are the specific parameters used by the software of Volkswagen to detect an emissions test. In any case, the differences observed in performance and consumption by Consumer Reports could indicate that, in effect, had been given the nail on the head.

we Still don’t know how it will affect the consumption and the performance the installation of new software on the TDI Volkswagen or the use of new devices, such as traps of NOx, and the systems AdBlue. Although the loss of benefits, or the rise in consumption should not be exaggerated.

But why we still can’t take these figures as a reference?

The comparison of Consumer Reports is based solely and exclusively on making the test with defeat device connected with defeat device disconnected. A thesis is apparently valid, while without this software all the cars should work permanently as they did when they were in the bank of rollers. The big problem is that the solution to offer Volkswagen customers are not going to be limited (probably never) to remove the badware. Even the cars that do not require the installation of new devices, new hardware will be altered in one way or another to its performance in both used new maps of operation of the engine. Why? Because if it had been as simple as to do without that software, Volkswagen had not included initially in order to overcome the approval testing of emissions of NOx.

on the other hand, the consequences of installing new systems antincontaminación, as the traps of NOx, or the systems AdBlue, will have consequences that we do not yet know with any certainty. Consequences that could go from the point that the performance and consumption is not being altered, to the point of consumption – especially the latter – may be affected in a few tenths, for the need of regeneration of systems, anti-pollution (which require to raise temporarily the temperature of the exhaust gases, at the expense of spending more fuel).

In short, the only ones that know or can answer this question – for the moment – are the engineers of Volkswagen. And if we ignore the statements of the leaders of Volkswagen in Germany and the united States, even these engineers would even the certainty of the consequences of the changes that will have to do in the engines TDI to correct the fraud, because they are still working on them.

Source: Consumer Reports
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how Much power will lose the TDI of Volkswagen souped-up without the “defeat device”? What video is this the answer we expect?

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