Consumer Reports tests the Chevrolet Bolt, and surpassed several Tesla in autonomy


The Chevrolet Bolt trademark a record is not official at autonomy.

The new Chevrolet Bolt has already passed through the hands of Consumer Reports, the well-respected institution in us consumption, and the result of their tests has not been able to be more surprising, the new electric Chevrolet has managed to overcome all the models of Tesla tested earlier by Consumer Reports in the most important issue for any vehicle in the segment electric, your autonomy.

despite the fact that on paper, or better said, in accordance with their approval by EPA, the Bolt you should offer a lesser amount of autonomy that any version of the Model S, under conditions of actual use has not only surpassed its figures approved, but has managed to greater autonomy than the Tesla Model S 75D and Model X 90D.

The Chevy Bolt approvals 238 miles of range, 383 miles, but Consumer Reports has managed to obtain a total autonomy during their testing of 250 miles on a single charge, that is to say, 402,34 kms of autonomy. So that the figures approved in the Bolt are fairly conservative, it would be logical that in actual use is closer but do not come to these official figures, that is what happens to the above-mentioned versions of the Tesla Model S. Although this should not surprise us, because with the stamp of Opel, the Bolt approvals in Europe more than 500 kilometers, although it is well known that the cycle NEDC european is too optimistic and therefore unrealistic.


Chevrolet Bolt EV.

In fact, some months ago I showed you the curious case of one of the first customers of the Opel Ampera-and in Europe that managed to squeeze 623 miles electric with a single charge, but at all times was circulated to a very low speed, pampering consumption to the maximum, so that we cannot consider it as normal driving conditions.

In the case of the tests of Consumer Reports, the Bolt exceeded the 235 miles (378 kilometres) that reached the Tesla Model S 75D 2016 in the same comparative and 230 miles (370 kms) that the same institution I got another copy of the Model S 90D. Both models are equipped with a range estimated by the EPA at 259 and 257 miles respectively (416 and 413 kms). Consumer Reports for the time has not been able to test the Tesla Model S 100D, which, in theory, with its 335 miles of range (539 kms) should be able to overcome widely to the Bolt, but for the moment, the organization has not had the opportunity to try it out.

so for the moment, the Bolt is electric with more autonomy in actual use tested by the respected organization. Quite an achievement and a pride for the people of General Motors, especially taking into account that the Bolt has a price from 37.495 dollars in the united States, in front of the 75.700 that has the Model S 75D.