Contemporary Amperex terror of the manufacturers of batteries for EV


electric cars are about to make your massive landing on the market. This is a reality, but also what it is that whoever gets to dominate the manufacture of batteries for them will be who dominates the market and the prices of these cars. Until now LG Chem, Samsung, and Panasonic are the major manufacturers of this component. Another of the interested firms in this market is Tesla Motors, which with its Gigafactoría and Panasonic want to be the number one in the manufacture of batteries for electric cars and batteries for the homes of half the world.

however, it seems that has gone out a competitor chinese that is not going to make things easy. Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL) is a chinese manufacturer of batteries for electric cars that is gradually making a niche in this tough market. Initially started as a mere assembler because it does not have the capacity for their development, but it seems that now you can do both things.


In a matter of a couple of years, Contemporary Amperex Technology CATL has tripled its production of lithium-ion batteries and has quadrupled its stock value. This has allowed it to leave behind to the LG Chem and focused to overcome all the manufacturers of batteries, with special attention to its following competitor, Panasonic, and BYD. In addition, of face to the year 2020 want to exceed the 50 GWh that is what Tesla and their Gigafactoría could produce.

According to Huang Shilin, CEO of CATL secret of their exponential growth is in the same country. China is one of the major markets for electric cars and if CATL are able to meet the demand of the country would have insured a yearly sales more than worthy. He has also said that want to storm the european markets and american and as proof of this is in the interest of building a factory in our continent, next to offices in countries as France, Germany or Sweden. To finish has also recognized that among its customers are BMW, although it has not realized to what extent.

Source – Reuters