Continental Bee Concept: seeing the autonomous car of the future

Continental Bee Concept

Continental Bee Concept.

Every some time we are witnessing the start of a long of different projects related to sustainable mobility and the future of the automotive sector. For many designers and companies of the sector, in just a few years it will be completely normal for cars to be completely independent for the transport of passengers or goods. Will relieve the problem of traffic in big cities and, thanks to which it will be powered by alternative energy, also will fight the problem of pollution.

Continental adds to the long list of industry greats who have introduced a project of this nature. In the images that accompany this article, we can see the new Continental Bee Concept. For the German company, so it will be the ideal vehicle to the great cities of concrete and asphalt. The acronym BEE to refer to a “Balanced Economy and Ecology” (Balanced Economy and Ecology).

The idea is to plagar cities with a fleet of Continental Bee acting in a network mode in order to perform tasks of transport of goods or people. For Continental, would work in the same way a hive of bees. Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Chairman and Executive board Member of Continental, has said the following about this peculiar project: “vehicles without drivers are to constitute the backbone of the transportation of people and goods”.

Continental Bee Concept

The Continental Bee Concept may be used for the transport of goods or passengers.

In essence, the Continental Bee Concept is not a vehicle very complex. We could describe it as a simple “box with wheels”. It has some transparent panels in the front, side, and roof. The windows would often touch screens in which passengers will be able to access all kinds of information.

The Continental Bee would be available in different configurations and sizes, from an oriented world of work, to carry material from one place to another city, to another that offered a cabin adapted to be used by citizens as a means of urban transport. To make a unit of the Continental Bee come to our location only we will have to make use of a mobile app.

Mechanically, the Continental Bee Concept is equipped with an electric motor that allows you to achieve a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Thanks to its battery pack, you will have a autonomy of 350 kilometers.

Continental Bee Concept

In the bowels of the Continental Bee Concept we find a mechanical 100% electrical.