Continental presents a new audio platform for the car


One of the extras of any vehicle in which the driver is fixed at the time of opting for a purchase is the sound system that incorporates all the features that you can offer. It is for this reason that the manufacturers usually pampered pretty these systems.

Continental presented a new proposal to add to its already long experience with sound equipment. This time it is a new platform of radio whose entree is the software, which will allow to eliminate some components of the hardware that will reduce the costs. This reduction has been possible by the optimized Systemon-Chip whose processor multi-core is able to control all the features of the interface, connectivity and sound processing.

The processor relies on the so-called Software Defined Radio (SDR or software defined radio) that integrates the main standards of radio both analogue and digital (AM, FM, DRM, HD radio, etc..). The standards can go triggered by updates and for the regions as it could be China Digital Radio in China.


The system does not have support for CDs, which is a technology that is increasingly obsolete, but if allows you to connect any device via Bluetooth and slot to connect a USB or iPod. Following the idea of reducing physical components and give more weight to the software this system has a flat panel 40 mm thick, a touch screen high definition amplifier and class D. The design allows you to easily adapt it to the design of the box in the interior of the vehicle.

Another attraction of the system is the integration with smartphones, since it supports the systems MirrorLink, Android Auto, Apple Carplay and BaiduCarlife. Is prepared to reduce distractions behind the wheel due to the control of applications using the touchscreen or voice controls.