Contract of sale of vehicles: model and what you need to know

Vender tu coche de segunda manoit Is very likely that sooner or later, we are buying or selling a second hand car. We are in the paper, it is important to never forget the importance of [the19459004]contract of sale of the vehicle. The purpose of both parties to fill in and sign a contract for the sale of cars is to make clear in conditions you buy a car, or other vehicle, to avoid unpleasant surprises ex post and define well the responsibilities of each party.

A contract of sale can be drawn up freely, each will consider what is appropriate to include in the. Of course, in any contract of sale may be missing the full name and ID of the two parties, all the vehicle data to be transferred and the signature of the buyer and the seller on all sheets of the contract of purchase and sale of vehicles.

Data to include in the contract of purchase and sale of vehicles

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Important to collect all the vehicle data in the contract of sale

The more rigorous we are at the time of composing our model of the contract of purchase and sale, the more clear will be the transfer and more problems we can avoid in the future, whether we are the buyer or the seller. The following data can not miss in any sale and purchase contract:

  • Name, surname and ID number of the buyer and the seller
  • Signature of buyer and seller on all pages of the contract of sale
  • vehicle Data (brand, model, registration, chassis number, mileage)
  • Price to pay for the vehicle
  • Form of payment

If the vehicle has any type of defect or irregularity, especially mechanical, it is important to note this in the contract, so that in the event that we, the seller, the buyer can not claim for this concept. Many times, the words, despite the good intentions, may fall on deaf ears. Important, sign two copies of the contract, one for each of the parties.

Model of sale vehicles

contrato de compraventa vehiculosWith the goal to facilitate the work of the sale and purchase of a used car, in ActualidadMotor we have developed a model contract of sale of used vehicles. It is a docuemento Word in which you can make the modifications that you consider necessary and that more can be geared to the purchase of a vehicle in concrete.

Download contract of sale of vehicles used by individuals