Corvette E-Ray… what is on-the-go sporty electric definitive?

again the registration of a denomination gets to operate at full lung to the machinery of the rumors. On this occasion you touch GM, who have registered the appellation of “Corvette E-Ray”… and of course now the idea of a Chevrolet Corvette electric / hybrid happens to be on the table.

be a plug-in hybrid could well be an alternative to the BMW i8:

beyond your newly registered name we do not know if it is a hybrid or an electric.

Without confirmation from GM we caught up with rumors already of the possibility of meeting with a Chevrolet Corvette equipped with an electric motor, something logical if we attend to the electrical connotations of the registered name to. That “E”, the “Ray”…

Nor can we rule out suggestive idea of a Corvette plug-in hybrid, an alternative “made in America” at BMW i8 without losing sight of the rumors also speak of a future Nissan GT-R hybrid.

it is Still early to venture with specifics, basically because we don’t even know if it will be electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid, is also soon to set a date for his arrival, so we’ve just got to clear a denomination newly registered and eager to know who is behind it.

let us Remember that currently the Chevrolet Corvette “normal” has a power of 460 horses and part in Spain from 79.990 € while the version Z06, with a tune-up, more sporty and more power, reaching the 660 horses, thanks to turbocharging, makes it’s own from 113,500 to € .