Corvette ZR1 2018, the Chevrolet more crazy continues making his point


once again, the Corvette ZR1 has been discovered on the way to their testing area

once again, we find the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 2018 coming out of the factory of GM in Detroit. It will be the variant most crazy, powerful and gargantuan that Chevrolet has pulled out of the icon yankee. A version that rivalizará with the great supercars world in terms of performance.

Already we say that it is not the first time that we hear of him, nor is it the first time you see this circular. The previous one was just 10 days ago when they came out to the light the first images that confirmed the arrival of this variant as wild. A model that took a lot of time speculating.

Today, like a few days ago, the unit tests uncovered was largely camouflaged. However, we do note certain changes with respect to that time. One of them is the morro, where distinguished air intakes larger, in addition to a hood modified. The other modification is to the rear in the brackets of the spoiler fixed.


The nose seems to be larger than that of any other Corvette

None of the two test units had it installed, but as this last included a few brackets higher. A considerable height that allows us to get an idea of the magnitude of the appendix aerodynamic that will be installed in the behind. If it is really as it seems, can we talk about something like GT3.

This cuadraría with the performance improvement that is expected. Everything points to that the Corvette ZR1 equip a block V8 twin turbo. A large motor would require a large refrigeration. The estimated power is between 750 and 800 horses. A savagery that well lay hold of that spoiler of large dimensions that we have not yet seen.

In fact, yet we will soon see this Chevrolet Corvette wild. is Not expected before the end of 2017 or early 2018. The set point is going to be long and tedious. In addition to fit the dates of the upcoming generation which will appear in 2019 and that we have already seen with his radical change to core engine.


The brackets of the wing are of a considerable size. What madness lurks Chevrolet?