Corvette ZR1 2018 to fund at the Nürburgring: all the photos and videos


The new Corvette ZR1 looks like it has gone on for a time.

just a couple of days ago I show you how Chevrolet had moved to Europe for testing on the layout of the Nürburgring with the new Corvette ZR1 2018. As I discussed, the engineers at Chevy have come to the circuit, German not as part of the program of road tests usual, but more likely to search for a time.

Now we already have the images and the videos of these tests on the path, where we can see the new ZR1 has been squeezed everything possible curve to curve on the Nordschleife, as it reveals how high his roar during their runs. by the looks of it, the cold and the snow that has been these days in the plot mattered little to the Chevy.

According to the statements of our photographer, the ZR1 was too close to the limit of 100 dB is imposed by the circuit for these two days of tests intended for manufacturers, so it seems that they tried to dampen with a series of additional pipes connected to the outputs of the exhaust core of one of the units that went out to roll.


The new outputs are very visible, and the adhesive of the Ring that do not miss.

These days of testing seem to demonstrate that the development of this version of the american sports have concluded, so that prior to its launch, the development team has gone in search of a time with the end of course advertising. Another thing is that they get it and in that case, you will also be to see if they finally reveal it.

The new Corvette ZR1 will be the swan song for the Corvette C7, the last generation that will find a front engine, although this will be available together with the new C8 mid-engine if they confirm all the previous reports.

The most probable date of presentation will be this summer, although by the time Chevrolet has not confirmed nor a single word about the own version.So we continue to wait.