Cosworth will be the “heart” hipercoche AM-RB 001 900 HP

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001

looming war (healthy) in the segment cars hiperdeportivos. On the one hand we will have, soon, the Mercedes-AMG Project One, while on the other appears the AM-RB 001. Both will be vehicles is very limited with some features more typical of a F1 that of a street car. It is No coincidence this statement, and that is that both will inherit a lot of technology and knowledge of the great circus of speed.

we have Recently known that the engine of the AM-RB 001, will be in charge of Cosworth, one of the teams most well-known in the motorsport world when we refer to the high performance. Your cubicaje shall be 6,5 litres and the cylinder arrangement will be V12. If you have questions about its power, much has been made of the 1,000 HP, although there’s still nothing confirmed and it starts to protest a power to be closest to 900 HP.

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001

But the AM-RB 001 will not be manufactured only by Aston Martin, Red Bull and Cosworth. There will also be other contributors such as Ricardo, that will take care of the gearbox, or Bosch, which will provide the electronic management, in addition to many others. To quote a few more, we have to Rimac, as the charge of the battery supply, the company Multimac, developing the chassis monocoque carbon fiber, Alcon and Surface Transforms, that will put the braking system with carbon discs, and the lighting specialist Wipac, that it will make the headlights LED.

Among all the co-workers (all of high prestige and long experience) seeking to develop a car capable of performing a 0-320-0 in 15 seconds and reach a top speed exceeding 400 km/h. In addition, we expect a relationship power-to-weight of 1:1, a datum of great importance. As we already know, aerodynamics is being developed by the very same Adrian Newey.

Aston Martin Red Bull AM-RB 001

This hipercoche with engine Cosworth will have a very limited production, presumably, shall be 150 units including prototypes and 25 units are produced exclusively for use in the circuit. Your price will be approximately 3 million euros and the first deliveries should arrive in 2019. As expected, all units already have an owner assigned.