Could it be the nordic model the key driving autonomous? Volvo thinks yes


During the seminar on driving autonomous held in Sweden last march, HÃ¥kan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo Cars, had the opportunity to share your point of view and ideas about the future of driving autonomous both in his country and in the rest of the world.

“driving autonomous has the potential to revolutionize automobile safety. It is a technology that saves lives. It also improves the traffic, air quality, and saves time to the people. That’s why it should be introduced as soon as possible and the best way to get it is by working together,”, in the words of Samuelsson.

we have Already commented on the great insistence that it has the Swedish manufacturer in promoting these technologies, the end of which, more attractive is to reach the figure of zero deaths as a result of a vehicle.

From Volvo have announced that support to any manufacturer, of cars from the US and european that rely on this technology as well as the regulatory authorities to enact laws of circulation. Also encourage the constructive work of those involved in order to avoid duplication of already existing technologies to save time and money.

“driving autonomous is not just related with the technology of the car. Its implementation requires roads, regulations and appropriate laws. We also have to make sure that these technologies are harmonized everything possible to avoid development costs are unnecessary. We need to ensure that a vehicle driving autonomous is as safe and as legal in the united. UU. as in Europe or Asia,” with these words he continued to Samuelsson her speech.

Stresses that, although much progress has been made in the promotion of the development of the conduction autonomous, there is ballasts legal that prevent that you can go much further as is the case of the European Union and the united States where each state may have its own laws when it should be as unified as possible.

For the moment Volvo is involved in several very interesting projects in Sweden, such as Drive Me in which 100 families of Gothenburg are circulating in autonomous cars for real roads. It is also a pioneer in regulatory laws and seeks to achieve all of their goals on driving autonomous and their benefits for the year 2020.