Could not miss: a render of the Kia Stinger GT in body family

Render de X-Tomi Design de un Kia Stinger GT familiar

One of the most important innovations that have been revealed in these first days of 2017, has been the Kia Stinger GT. We speak of a saloon coupe, with a design very dynamic and high capacity sports that will hit the market soon in order to fight, mainly, against the sedans, a sporty Audi and BMW. You will land with a body of four doors, even if the results are favorable it is possible that the hyundai brand is daring enough to develop some variants.

it Was expected that designers like X-Tomi Design take little time to show us your recreations of how would be some alternative variants. Just yesterday you were showing a design that eliminated the two rear doors, leaving a body coupe traditional. Today I teach the other design, much more practical and functional, that this designer has posted on his blog; a Kia Stinger GT family.

The segment of sedans is not the most in-demand nowadays but, in Europe, a high percentage of the sedans that are marketed (like the compact) are manufactured with bodywork family. Therefore, it would not be surprising that the brand in south korea, to develop some body alternative opted for a Kia Stinger GT family. In addition, also in Europe, the sedans family sports with high performance are becoming quite a force; a segment which was born thanks to the Audi RS2 Avant.

it Seems that the vehicle designed by X-Tomi Design would be a product attractive to the market. Maintains virtually all of the sportiness of the version presented by Kia, and greatly improves its load capacity. Although we do not have a plane of his behind, this side view allows us to observe the clear growth of the rear overhang, . In the final part of the roof also appears a dynamic, but not exaggerated, spoiler rear. Seeing the image, certainly more of a high-ranking Kia raises the possibility of actually doing it.

we Recall that the Kia Stinger GT uses a engine 2.0 Turbo petrol with 255 HP and 352 NM in its mechanics less potent, while most dynamic version account under the hood with a V6 3.3-liter that develops 365 HP and almost 500 torque Nm. A few numbers sufficient to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds and be able to travel 269 km/h. Of series both versions send their power to the train rear, even though it will be available a version of traction to the four wheels. All engines will be associated to an automatic change by the torque converter.

Source – X-Tomi Design