Could you return the PSA to the north american market with DS?

Citroën DS19 y DS 5 60 Aniversariomany years Ago PSA Peugeot-Citroën has no presence in one of the markets crashes most important, the american. Citroën abandoned the united States in 1974 while Peugeot said goodbye in 1991 to the marketing of cars. In 2013 PSA closed the office that was still in Detroit. Since then, many times, has spoken of the possibility of PSA to return to the north american market, but those rumors have now more than ever.

PSA Peugeot-Citroën has already managed to be profitable thanks to the plan Back in the Race dreamed up by its CEO Carlos Tavares. Now, once solved the main problem, the brand could to seek growth in international markets. PSA is a group of very dependent on Europe and that has taken its toll in the last crisis. Automotive News cites as the source of these rumors to own Yves Bonnefont, ceo of DS.

DS 5In this new movement on the part of the French, DS could be the brand chosen to break into the complex u.s. market, offering a model of more differentiated in design and aura premium in a market that is certainly quite conservative. However, PSA will not have an easy road ahead on your new adventure.

do Not have a distribution network of its own nor the ability to manufacture locally. The price has to be something crucial and import the cars would more expensive, minus the competitiveness. to Manufacture in the united States would be one of the solutions, as do the rest of european brands with a presence in north America. The invasion, in any case, it would be scheduled for later. By 2020 it is expected that DS have a range composed by six global models. None of the DS as we currently know it would come to the united States.

Source – Automotive News