Coulthard against the F1 of payment

Suzi Perry y David CoulthardAs you know, the F1 will be paid next year in Spain, no options issued in the open. All thanks to Movistar (Telefonica), who has bought the exclusivity of this sport that might present the audience more low in 2016 because of the dissatisfaction of many viewers who can’t or don’t want to pay to see this sport that until now was free and open to all.

In other countries is still open, in fact, the BBC asked to negotiate with Ecclestone the contract to renegotiate what they must pay for casting. David Coulthard, former F1 driver, says it is a danger to the hearing. He like many of us, grew up watching this sport in open and free on the TV, and fell in love with him and became part of the great circus. Now you could lose up to coverage in the open of the GP of Silverstone in the Uk.

Movistar TV logo cadena F1 y MotoGPThe BBC is on the brink of the precipice and is not insured your presence for 2016 either. Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard, commentators of Formula 1 of the sport for the british network, said in the last GP of Abu Dhabi, which have “hope” to be able to be back in 2016, even if you are not sure. But Ecclestone does not seem very interested in reducing the costs of the emission rights which are to be paid to FOM.

in Addition, Coulthard points out something interesting, the interest of sponsors, which would be diminished by not having as much audience and not be worth to pay for having their logos on the cars: “I am of the Opinion that if the F1 is lost in the open on television, not only will affect the popularity of this sport, and by extension, the ability of the teams to raise money to compete, but also will reduce your exposure to the next generations of engineers and mechanics.“.