Coulthard suspicion of the attitude of Mercedes at the GP of Mexico

Suzi Perry y David Coulthard

Perry and Coulthard

In the GP of Mexico, we saw a victory of Nico Rosberg. The German rider got the pole and knew how to keep it without that Hamilton is the take off. But what this turn of Rosberg is intentional? What is certain is that Hamilton said to the microphones from the race in Austin, where was proclaimed champion of the world, the team Mercedes has Nico cocoon. In addition, Hamilton disobeyed the team and was not to change tyres until a lap later when the team insisted, because he said they were good and could have finished first without that stop extra.

these statements now joins David Coulthard, the expiloto scottish think that magnified the victory of Rosberg with a celebration of Mercedes somewhat exaggerated: “When Suzi Perry and I were in the garage interviewing Rosberg, team members were screaming ‘Nico, Nico’ around him. I had Never seen those cheers with Hamilton, despite the fact that it is an obvious joy to be a part of a winning team.“.

Rosber y Hamilton distantesCoulthard still thinking about it about what happened: “at The time, I thought that the team Rosberg was giving the support that I needed, but I wonder, in the context of the statements of Hamilton, if the team had been informed to celebrate it as well if I won. I doubt that Hamilton would have said that if it had not been based in any fact, is not an alarmist, acting on the basis of information or knowledge, is not a fantasy in the way that others seem to do it been.“.

But the expiloto not ditch hence the theme and adds more fuel to the fire: “I Never think of this kind of stuff, but I know that the team has felt the need to protect Rosberg. I know what I want to say, but I’m not going to explain what I mean. You should ask Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda about how they feel about it and what they had to do behind the scenes to keep happy Nico.”. I think that the position of Coulthard and Hamilton match…