Coulthard: “The level of Alonso remains exceptional”


David Coulthard is the rider with most grand prix competitions under the banner of McLaren (150), and, with his twelve victories, seven poles, 51 podiums, knows well how the team Woking.

The scot, currently dedicated to work more tv, is one of the respected voices in the paddock of the Formula 1 and, as an amateur, to acknowledge that he would have loved to see Fernando Alonso at Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton. “of Course that would have been fine that fichara for Mercedes. The battles are a fundamental part of the F1, the controversy. And without that it loses some of the interest”, acknowledged in an interview granted to Brand.

“Honda needs to improve its propellant, but what you can do, you can win again”

But the reality is that Fernando Alonso will remain at McLaren-Honda for at least a year, and for Coulthard, are the japanese, who have the key to success. “we’ll See at what point of development is Honda, but McLaren can come up with something special from the point of view of the chassis. What happens is that listening to Zak Brown, who is a very honest and direct, it is clear that they started from the very back. McLaren has also lost a lot of talent all these years, but I think that it has also managed to retain quite a bit, and the fundamental problem we have faced has been the engine of Honda, which pulled so far back and lost the ‘momentum’ that was then opened. there is Not much room with the best and Honda need to improve your thruster, you can do it, you can win again. But without that, even though you have the chassis and have the pilot…”, says David Coulthard hoped that both parties to demonstrate what they are capable of.

Alonso, even among the best

The years go by and far is the 2001 season in which a young spaniard made his debut with Minardi in the Formula 1. But according to David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso remains one of the best drivers currently and only expected to, once and for all, you again have a single winner that will allow him to compete for the title. “The problem McLaren has not been in their drivers, neither Button nor Alonso. The level of Fernando all these years it is still exceptional, even after all these years, and I know that I have some disappointment because it will not just give the car to prove it, but there is still a level incredibly high in his riding, I hope you have a great season. I cross my fingers because it is exceptional”.


it Will be complicated according to what is said by a large part of the analysts in the paddock as Mercedes continues to be identified by most as the team to beat despite the change of regulation. But Coulthard is hopeful that Red Bull, Mclaren and Ferrari get to be at the height. “I believe that the engineers at Mercedes are exceptional and that gives you a big advantage, but with the change of regulations, we do not know how will be the performance of the chassis, will again be a great car like the last three years? We’ll see, I hope that McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull are at the top and choose to some victory, which would make a real championship on everything for the fan of the sport, you need to feel that you are watching something real”, concluded David Coulthard.