Crazy video of the day: What is an iPhone when you use it as a brake pad in your Porsche 911


Picture yourself quietly traveling in your Porsche 911 (996) and, suddenly, in a remote place, hundreds of kilometers from civilization, your brakes have said enough. The pads have worn completely and have to find an urgent solution. Personally, I can think of many solutions. I also find it very hard to imagine that scenario in which you encounter a 911, whose pills have suddenly cast in such a remote place that you can not enjoy the help of your roadside assistance service. In any case, the creators of this video resorted to as contrived as this for a crazy experiment further excuse: what if we replace the brake calipers for iPhone


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And destroy an iPhone after experimentation – and viral Youtube – is fashionable, these guys decided to test empirically whether the brake calipers replacing his Porsche 911 for eight generations of iPhone 4S and 5S would be able to curb its sporty .

The result, as you will see below, was expected. The damage on the mobile are important. The iPhone 4S and 5S employ an aluminum casing, but still not talking about a piece of solid aluminum. We must have a screen like contact surface, and an inner “hole” that contains all the electronics. Not to mention components we can play tricks when faced with temperatures reaching a brake caliper in its friction with the disc, such as batteries. Something that as we see in this video could finish this poor sports churruscando , which became mute witness to the desire of a new generation of Youtuber for destroying mobile phones, especially Apple.

definitely calipers replace your sports on mobile phones iPhone is stupid . As an experiment, and as emergency solution. In any case, it is better to see the video to reach your own conclusions.

Source: Everything Apple Pro
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