Create a $ 32 device that can open almost any auto


A hacker has developed a device that manages with great ingenuity to outwit the random systems using remote controls and opens the door to almost any vehicle, alarm or garage door


RollJam (Samy Kamkar) U n technology researcher whose name is Samy Kamkar , designed a device that can read the codes transmitted by the remote controls that used to open car doors or garages of the houses.

The device was presented at the Technology Fair DefCon Hacking Conference Las Vegas, known for gathering and displaying latest developments in the world of hacking. This is a device Radio called RollJam just $ 32, smaller than a cell and designed to circumvent security codes using the rotary remote control handset.

The device reads the signal emitted by the key and stores it for use later. The victim only notice that your key does not work on the first try , but they normally do in the second chance. Thieves have used such devices for years to intercept and play wireless codes cars and garage doors. But manufacturers responded by modifying the signal emitted by each time keychains are driven, so that the same code can not be used if it has already been used before.

The remote control of the alarm, the car or the garage are vulnerable to RollJam.

But the device Kamkar created by using a new technique that can also fun of this technology .

The first time you press the key victim, the device on the signal interferes with two radio devices, emit noise at the two frequencies commonly used for cars and garage doors. At the same time, the RollJam hear the signal with a third device radio signal emitted by the key and register the user code.

When that first fails to open the door, you naturally try to press the button a second time. That is when the device reads the signal, recorded the second code and simultaneously transmitting the first code obtained, which is what is ultimately used to open the door.

Samy Kamkar
Samy Kamkar

By this time the victim may already have forgotten that the first attempt did not open the door, but the RollJam longer be managed to save a second code without the victim knowing , which still can be used to open the door. Of course, if the device is left hidden in the car or near the garage door, the action can be repeated indefinitely.

Kamkar claims to have successfully tested the device in areas as diverse as maras Chrysler, Cadillac, Ford, Lotus, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen , as well as on remote controls alarms the Viper, Cobra and Genie brand or garage doors equipped with remote brands Liftmaster and Genie .

However, Kamkar believes the problem lies in the chips used by many of these companies: Keeloq system sold by Microchip and HiSec of Texas Instruments


The investigator did not say if the prototype tests were conducted in laboratory. Although we suspected that many users of these brands have never aware that they were used as guinea pigs.


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