Crisis? What crisis? This key gold and diamond is more expensive than a Mercedes-Benz well equipped

You will agree with me that few car keys are truly beautiful. There attractive keys, that’s true, but also many others with an aspect too simple, even seedy, sometimes far from a product that costs tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands of euros. Is not the case with these keys created to fit your Mercedes-Benz . Authentic pieces of jewelry, fully customizable and crimp gemstone for a key that costs more than most cars you see on the street, and even more than a good Mercedes-Benz well equipped.

These golden keys with crimped diamond and other precious gems, cost more than a Mercedes C Class well equipped.

According to Jalopnik, her price is far above 40,000 euros . The next time you have a problem with your key with the remote control of your car, you are not exactly cheap, maybe you remember this story. Think about that for the price of this key you could buy a Mercedes Class C very well equipped. But I get the feeling that target This product does not move precisely in a Mercedes A 180 CDI 109 hp with wheels 16 “.



These custom keys are created the customized by a German company which, judging by the subject treated in the designs proposed as an example, is very clear that their clientele is large fortunes Middle East and Russia, big business, petrodollars and gas reservoirs are their goals.

Goldsmiths responsible for its creation replace the plastic cover by a solid gold cover. And from there are inserted up to 300 diamonds and other precious gems to create the design to choose their customers, whether the flag of his country or the colors of his football team.

Source: Selected Jewels
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