Criticism of the pilots to the Shield proposed by the FIA: “it Is unnecessary to”


During the last meeting
Strategy Group, the FIA ruled their intention to pursue the development and
set [19459005Shield] , the
device glass proposed by the FIA which represents an evolution on the basis of
tested it out with the Aeroscreen, with greater depth and lower height in front of the
helmet of the pilot. The FIA also decided, in the absence of approval by the Council
World Engine, that this Shield will be
tested in free practice sessions during this season
with a view to a
introduction for the next year.

however, the opinions of the pilots have not been especially
, on the basis of his experience with the Aeroscreen and the sketches with which the FIA introduced them to the idea. The Shield only provides protection
against certain fragments of remains, and would not be a defence in front of a tire,
the circumstance that the FIA has ruled out as unlikely due to the improvements of the
wiring. Despite this, many believe that it is a backward step with regard to the Halo by
search for aesthetics in front of functionality, although some pilots have supported the
claims peak body.

JOLYON PALMER (Renault): “I Think that is
unnecessary. It is less offensive visually, but my opinion has not changed.
I think that the Formula 1 is pretty safe as it is
. Honestly,
I think that the pilots would compete if they were concerned about their own
security. Fernando is going to compete in the Indy 500, which is much more dangerous
that this, that shows what part is it”.

LEWIS HAMILTON (Mercedes): it Is
an improvement, looks better
that all the other options that we have had up to

KEVIN MAGNUSSEN (Haas): “We have
seen some photos, and you will not convince me. I don’t think we need anything as well. A screen is going to be
complicated, especially when it rains
. Even without it, it is difficult to see something with the
water, so I’m sure that, with that, it will be impossible to and much more dangerous”.

MAX VERSTAPPEN (Red Bull): “of course, there have been some accidents very unlucky in the past, but it is not something that can be controlled, and the Shield will not be a difference in that either. you Know that, when the tire hit, the Shield will not proteger”.

FELIPE MASSA (Williams): “If I
you ask what I prefer, the Shield looks better, it is pretty. Without a doubt, the fans
will prefer the Shield, I prefer looking at the car, but
is a little
worse for security. And, for me, the most important is security. If
an accident occurs and we lose a friend, or am I or who it is, because it does not
it was safe enough, that would not be good
. I’m not saying that it is not to please, I am in favor of
to improve the security. Maybe in a year or two, the Shield is better than the Halo.
Perhaps the Halo will have more development in safety, but it is true that they can
continue to develop the Shield and working on it”.

believing that the Halo is the best solution
because, when I tried it, not vi
no sticks to bring it. As we all know, offers long the more
protection for us, but I know that the pilots and the people of the Formula 1
is divided on which is the best for the future. I think that we should
bet on the Halo, because allows it to remain a car
. It is not the most beautiful, but if it gives you a bit of
time, I think that it will look good”.

VALTTERI BOTTAS (Mercedes): I don’t mind having the Shield. I think
looks good, and that is
a good step with regard to the
Halo. It is my personal opinion about how it looks. The security aspect
it is always important, and
there is that to continue improving, so that I would not mind to try it out and see how it is
visibility, and if there are other problems
. But, in terms of safety,
advance in relation to what we have now would be a good step”.