Croatia presents its event candidate for the WRC


the organizers of The Rally of Croatia have requested to the FIA that his test has the status of an event candidate to the WRC. With 43 editions, the local promoter believes that this rally may be part of the calendar of the World Rally in the future and that is why it must be evaluated by a team of experts of the FIA. it Is expected that at the beginning of 2017 will announce the outcome of this candidacy, even though the choice of Croatia can enter in the calendar of the WRC are very small, by the competition and by be a rally on european soil.

however, the current calendar of the WRC with thirteen rallies and the options of Turkey and China are in the bedroom. In the end, the goal of Red Bull as promoter of the WRC is to be able to decentralize the calendar of the championship and have more tests away from Europe. In this aspect, China’s economic problems have resulted in a small stumble, but it is also true that the championship handled by other options and Kenya is pushing very hard to also have the status of an event candidate with the aim of recovering as soon as possible the Safari.

With all the Rally of Croatia has a long history. Its first edition was held in 1974 under the name of Delta Rally, still scoring for the championship local. In this aspect, the event candidate has been a test of a regional nature for the greater part of his life, even forming part of the championship of Slovenia or of the own contest Croatian. All in all, dince 1992, the test was part of the CKD, a condition that persisted until the 2013 season. In the wake of his exit from the ERC, the Rally of Croatia has passed be part of the European Rally Trophy.