Curiosities of the BMW M3 that every petrolhead should know


we have talked at length about the History of the BMW M3 and now we’re going to tell you some curiosities that you should know. Sure that you know very well the evolution of this model, it is a legend in our little world, but do you know all of these curiosities?

  • The first generation of M3 that included a few mirrors with a design specific was the BMW M3 E36 in 1992 and since then all generations of M3 have retained this characteristic feature.
  • From the first to the last generation BMW M3 has doubled its power, its torque and has increased its weight in only 300 kilos.
  • During the development testing of the BMW M3 E30 before your presentation, several pilot testers of BMW Motorsport GmbH took turns at the wheel of a drive on the Italian circuit at Nardo. Managed to go, at maximum speed, a distance of 50,000 kilometres without suffering setbacks.


All generations of the BMW M3

  • units sold of the third generation, BMW M3 E46, there are almost the same as the sales of the first and second together, with difference is the more commercial success he enjoyed.
  • Paul Rosche, the technical manager of BMW Motorsport GmbH, together with the team of engineers, it took only two weeks to develop the engine of the BMW M3 E30.
  • The first generation that included four exhaust outlets and gills in steps of wheel was the M3 E46, since then those traits it inherited all the generations to come.
  • In 1987 came on the market the first BMW M3 E30 with shock absorbers electronically adjustable. A button next to the hand brake allowing the driver to choose between three settings: sport, normal or comfortable.
  • The first BMW M3 4 door came on the market in 1995
  • The first M3 in equipping a limited-slip differential variable, M was the BMW M3 E46, in the year 2000.
  • The engine of the BMW M3 E90 was derived from the V10 mounted in the M5 and M6 of the time, but with two cylinders less. The V8 generating 420 HP at 8.300 rpm and the V10 507 HP.
  • In 2014, came the new BMW M3 F80, which became the first M3 equipped with a turbocharged engine. Goodbye atmosphere.

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Looking at its evolution it seems that there are still many pages to write on the history of an emblematic model.What Conocias all these curiosities? Are there any we have overlooked?