Curiosity: purchase Golf GTI with public money and upload it to the network

the car of our dreams what we want is the passionate by the world of the four wheels, however certain paths to follow are not the most suitable to have it. In Spain we are tired of seeing day yes and day also new cases of political corruption and economic, which steals Pepito and Juanito and if they are of one color or another. In other countries of the world the situation is the same or worse than in the skin of a bull, however, it seems that certain people don’t learn.

we All know the economic situation in Argentina and that political and economic corruption is a way of life on those lands. The news is curious that we bring you today is provided by Ariel Camacho, an official of Missions in Argentina. Apparently this lord has bought a Volkswagen Golf GTI valued at about 46.800 dollars and to celebrate its acquisition is decided to be recorded on video and upload it to the networks.

Up there everything could seem normal if a person purchase the car of their dreams after many years of work and efforts. However things change and a lot because this guy in the video boasts of having bought your car thanks to the income tax paid by their fellow citizens and that they will pay to him his salary. This situation has caused the networks to rise up against you because it is not a proper behaviour for a public server.

The problem for this guy is that the governor of Misiones, Mr. Oscar Herrera Ahuad, has decided to remove him from his job immediately becoming section of the public position I held until the time of the facts. The governor stated that “I don’t mind the considerations about if it was a joke, or want to seem” and added that “assumes the responsibility of taking this matter giving the face and regardless of the political costs”.

From here we applaud Mr. Oscar Herrera Ahuad for the bravery to cease this public employee that has not shown the slightest respect for their fellow citizens and the people that contribute to the well-being of the country. Hopefully, this did it in our country, but we already know that we are going to another roll; a pity.

Source – America TV

Volkswagen Golf
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