Curiosity: The car sales in Venezuela are under minimum

Nueva Toyota HiluxWhat can we say of Venezuela we don’t already know. Is a country ravaged by corruption, populism, the fatigue of the inhabitants of that country, and the greed of the few who call themselves liberators of the people and are running everything. In a matter of a decade, have seen how their economy is sinking to the levels that they never, ever would have imagined and to do this they add that they do not have to meet the basic needs minimal.

however, there will always be those who say that this is an exaggeration or that everything is taken out of context, but the numbers are what they are and the tests are patent. Venezuela has about thirty-one million inhabitants approximately and in function of this volume of population, its automotive sector should have an annual turnover of some 400 or 500 thousand units. However, if we compare the figures of sales that you get your automotive industry and the actual population we can see that does not match both variables.


During the past month of October in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela have only been enrolled 235 new vehicles. This figure already indicates to us that something weird happens in the country, but if we say that it has been a 13.1 percent lower than in September is that the things there are to go running. If we’re going to the accumulated of the year during the first ten months of the year were sold in Venezuela a total of 2.597 new vehicles. These numbers are very far from the 17.585 vehicles that are sold throughout the year of 2015.

to Perform the ranking of the most sold brands in this country is a thing of small children. The firm’s best-selling has been Ford with 146 registered vehicles; the second signature has been the japanese Toyota with 83 units and closes the podium and ranking the firm Mack (dedicated to trucks and heavy equipment) with 6 units.

If we go to the best selling models we have the following list. Ford managed to put in head to your SUV Exhaust. Toyota builds their strength in the country thanks to the new Hilux. Finally, Mack has enrolled six trucks that we do not know its destination.

Many people still are not aware that Venezuela is living a drama, but I hope to be able to overcome this situation.