Curiosity: Uber and Tostitos to create a few snacks with a breathalyzer built in

Uber Taxi

Alcohol and driving these two elements are completely antagonistic, and that if they are mixed can end very badly. How many times we have not gone out to party here and there and for fear of the damn fine you can not take even a cup? However the problem is not in the recipe and the points on the license, but in that if we have an accident we can lose the life in him, and if I apuráis we can cause innocent people to lose theirs.

The new generations are aware of the problems that can arise from mixing alcohol with driving a car, however, it seems that until you do not live in their meat an accident do not realize the reality. With this phrase I do not mean that all young people drink and drive (NOR MUCH LESS IS it MY INTENTION), but they are more sensitive to “Take another cup what’s going to happen?” or “Uncle for a time that salts do not be a pestiño”.

nevertheless, it seems that wit is more skillful of what we think and of him there are great inventions and initiatives that can help change a situation. Uber and Tostitos (american brand of snacks and light bites) have joined forces to create a snacks that you incorporate into your bag a breathalyzer. The person in question only has to blow on the top of the bag and it will display in graphical form (red or green) if you are able to drive.

in Addition, not only comes with a breathalyzer, but that Uber (this is where enters the u.s. firm for the transport of persons) has included a QR code to request a vehicle to take us home. This union, which a priori could be very positive for Uber what is more to the society, since if this action will prevent hundreds of accidents is worth the effort that a company will be enriched at our expense.

The problem that exists, is that for now this bag of snacks will not be available for sale open. As reported by both firms, the first step will come by the incorporation of QR codes for Uber in the bags. In a second phase, when the sensor of the breathalyzer is perfected, it will be to place them in the bags.

Be that as it may, an initiative worthy of applauding. For us and for all.

Source – Uber – Tostitos