Curious the update that has received the Lada XRay

Lada XRayIn the greater part of Europe the most growing segment is the crossover. Vehicles that, despite having typically with a height to the ground superior to that of conventional vehicles, typically do not have a technical part and elements that allow them to function with great ease off the road, much less off of roads in good condition. In Russia, close to 40% of the cars sold are crossovers, while the Lada XRay among the most sold.

Despite the fact that the indexes of sales of the Lada XRay are more than correct, the company has decided that it was a good time to update it, despite the fact that it takes only a year on the market, and endow it with greater facilities and setting to improve the behavior of off-road. After these changes, and as they say, is now a car more efficient in this kind of situations even though, in reality, the functional modifications are a bit of a ridiculous.

Lada XRay control estabilidadIn the previous version, the Lada XRay had electronic systems such as traction control and stability control. Two systems that, as we have discussed on many occasions, can get rid of an accident, especially the stability control. Now, it is not that the brand has set up its electronic management in a way that will improve the motor off the tarmac, as we might expect, but the driver can turn them off for conditions in which they operate constantly and do not let the vehicle move forward (as a slippery slope). Yes, in terms of the crossover pass of 50 km/h again.

In terms of the other changes that we can find in this model that is sold in the Russian market, it receives a new rims in finish bittern 17” that are included in the package Prestige. To this package add rear windows darkened, rear view camera, browser, and an audio system with 6 speakers.

The Lada XRay updated is already available in the dealerships of the brand in Russia.

Source – Carscoops