Customers duped by Volkswagen, would receive $ 5,000

North american customers deceived by Volkswagen with your device installed in the vehicles com diesel engines, they could receive up to $ 5,000 of compensation.

Volkswagen-TDI-Clean-DieselSiete months after the scandal around the diesel engines, Volkswagen emerged for the first time that the owners of the vehicles affected by the deception around the polluting emissions, will know soon that way they will be rewarded.

Volkswagen is ready how to resolve a lawsuit related to the devices illegal installed on more than half a million vehicles. Ensure that each client will receive a payment of $ 5,000, which would mean that the signature of German origin shall disburse 3,000 million dollars and that’s without taking into account the so-called review is required to troubleshoot the problem, but on this last question, there are those who claim that Volkswagen will opt to buy back the units affected.

Volkswagen has been manipulated in a deliberate values of pollutant emissions of almost 600,000 vehicles. $ 5,000 would help the owners to to compensate for the decrease in the value of their vehicles, which occurred after the deception took public.