Cylinder head transparent and super slow motion; this is how it works a real motor of 4 times

Motor de 4 tiempos funcionando a cámara súper lenta

once in a when we bring viral videos associated with the cars, but I can assure you that today is one of the most interesting we have seen and published in Current Motor. And is that, as you’ll see in the des the play button, this video will leave you mesmerized if you are a lover of mechanics. Just search on YouTube “operating the engine 4 times” to see how it works internally an engine, but they are videos of little real because they are made in the computer.

In this case, the creators of the video have made a butt cracks capable of withstanding for a limited time the operation of a small 4-stroke engine. If to this we add a camera capable of recording with quality speed super slow the result is, as you’ll see, shocking. Many know of the workings of a combustion engine four-stroke, but we’d never seen it this way. It also has subtitles in Spanish.

In these minutes, the guys of Warped Perfection, run this small engine with gasoline, alcohol, and acetylene. The most interesting of these sequences is to see how they develop the work cycles of this 4-stroke engine, with the respective movements of the valves, as well as the jump of the spark that causes the flame in the cylinder. To appreciate it with clarity and enjoy these fabulous images, the video is played 150 times slower than real-time.

This has allowed us to see how the intake valve opens, the piston moves towards its lower dead point by drawing the air-fuel mixture (admission). The valve closes, the piston goes up to its upper dead point (compression) and appears as a spark that ignites the mixture, leaving a few precious images. Immediately the piston goes down again in your third time working (expansion). The exhaust valve opens while the piston comes back up from its lower dead point to its upper dead point (escape). After re-start this loop.

Source – Warped Perfection