Cyril Abiteboul: “Renault must be humble in their expectations”


Renault has closed a definitive purchase of Lotus and lands on the F1 with a business plan very good and robust, says Cyril Abiteboul, Head of the Renault team. The firm is ready to make a great investment in this new project, but want to do it from a foundation that is solid, with the feet on the ground and knowing that 2016 will not be an easy year in terms of results. In this aspect, Cyril Abiteboul takes the pressure off the team ahead of next season, ensuring that with a purchase as late, you can’t expect big miracles.

“I Think that we have consulted a large number of advisors in this aspect. There is a plan very good business, a business plan is very robust, at least in general lines. We know the work that you do” explains Cyril Abiteboul in a recent interview ‘’. The pattern also says: We have given a period of three years and we need to be pragmatic. We know that this will take time. The capacity of Renault to convert what we do into a tangible value of marketing will give us the stability so that we have the ability to to become again a great team“.

In this line, Cyril Abiteboul is very clear:We have to be honest. When decimes to compete in F1 a December 18, you can’t get fantastic results after a few months. we Come with planning a very specific, not only for next year, but also for the following”. To mode person, believes that: “The next year will not only be a success if we do things well on track. We want to have a robust structure and a reliable motor from the test. We want to make substantial steps. The goal for next year is not only scoring. Renault must be humble in their expectations for 2016. There are other things more important than the points”.