Cyril Abiteboul: the token system will be removed in 2017

Renault V6 Turbo Híbrido de F1According to the Renault, Cyril Abiteboul, the manufacturers have agreed to suspend the token system to have a free development of the engines in 2017, and so have more equality in this sense, in this way, engines will not be fluent in the F1. But of course, that is the return to the domain of aerodynamics that so many complaints have been received from the manufacturers. Honestly it seems to me that you are never happy with anything, the only that is happy is the one that dominates…

manufacturers have agreed to amend the regulations for the FIA to allow the free development of the engines for achieving greater competitiveness. Each brand may to make the changes you want in your power-drive, without restrictions more than the limits established by the regulation, but not with a limit of changes per season up to the moment with the happy tokens, which in addition would be decreasing year after year, allowing each time less changes by season continued.

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

improvements can only be introduced when a pilot change of engine, that is to say, you could not decide to remove an engine (or change parts) with specification old to put the new implementation until you don’t have to change the motor, although this rule could be very relative and could “break” mysteriously the engine with such a change if the performance or reliability of the new motor makes up for it. The change that is coming for 2017 will be especially beneficial for Honda and Renault, but also allow more freedom for Ferrari and Mercedes, even though these two might not seem like such a good idea bearing in mind the advantage that have been taken out.

And the change has been announced by Cyril Abiteboul: “The token system will be removed.” for the average american And he has explained that “One of the reasons that we have agreed is that we all need that the performance of the engines converge. A Formula 1 dominated by the performance of the engine is not good for anyone. It is not good for Mercedes or Renault or Ferrari, we all want that to change. We have decided to remove the system.”.