D-VAN GP: the incredible story of Japanese stooges and “furgos” Dodge racing

The passion for cars, speed, competition, and changes, encompassing, fortunately, a very motley tastes. Some for fun needs at least 500 hp, and luckily can afford. Others are satisfied with “toys” less powerful and lighter, sports popular today and yesterday. In Japan an even more incredible trend emerged, the fans speed working hard for months to modify its huge Dodge Ram Van , and measured once a year, in a unique event on the track. A race driver Amateur irreverent dubbed as D-VAN Grand Prix. An incredible fetish we now know better thanks to this documentary Daytona Magazine that will probably get you envy this exclusive Japanese club and you gave anything to make a Dodge van to start preparing.

The history of the club of the Dodge Ram Van knew it prepared for the first time back in 2010, a trend that was nicknamed as Dajiban.

The vice – in the best possible sense of the word – of these Japanese began circuits, in batches and motorcycle riding schools. Dodge Ram Van vans were the favorites to manage the logistics of these events and customization part of the ambience of the circuits. And at one point, perhaps with a “no balls” in between, all is said, we do not know how to say in Japanese, someone thought it would be a good idea to have some fun testing these vans circuit .

imagine that those first raids were probably in hiding. A van is by no means the most appropriate vehicle for a circuit, let alone for a few rounds. Without knowing it had discovered the germ of an annual event as fun as spectacular. The sample, the following documentary .

speak of vans powered V8 engines, racing seats and steering wheels, pneumatic circuit, magnesium wheels, carbon fiber panels, and so forth.

From that idea, and meetings at the Ebisu circuit Dodge Ram Van those were slowly becoming . Its V8 engine increased its power, the suspensions were reduced and damping is reinforced, steel panels were replaced with carbon fiber parts, small steps were taken to improve its aerodynamics battered, noisy exhaust, magnesium wheels, tires were installed Advan circuit, Momo steering wheels, Recaro seats, the compartment, and so forth emptied.

And those furgos, which had initially been designed to deliver packets, eventually becoming fun racing machines, not only for the benefits achieved through its changes, but technical and piloting challenge of improving their qualities.

Again, if you have envy, and you are not willing to have a Dodge Ram prepared in your garage probably run no blood in your veins.

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