Dacia Duster Black Touch, new top of range for France

Dacia Duster Black Toucheven Though the actual Dacia Duster is low on life, still seems willing to give war. The new generation could arrive next year, but the French brand has presented a special edition. This is the Dacia Duster Black Touch, which will become the top of the range thanks to a dose of extra equipment. Of time will only be available in France, where this model has been quite successful since its launch in 2013.

Replaces the finish Prestige and to differentiate it from the regular versions we will have that set in the details. Among other things, it will highlight because the front grille and rear view mirrors are painted in high-gloss black. As its name suggests, this color will be the protagonist in the vehicle and also what we find in the wheels, 16-inch. In the lower part of the front and surrounding the fog lamps have chrome details, like the roof bars.

Dacia Duster Black Touchthe interior of The Dacia Duster Black Touch will also go in line with the exterior. We will see a steering wheel in black leather and some cloth seats in two colors. There will be trim in gloss black that will add a touch of distinction. It will highlight the multimedia computer MediaNAV Evolution, that includes the browser and also a rear view camera. This model may be chosen with the gasoline engine Tec 125 HP or diesel dCi 110 CV.

One of its main attractions will be the price, as part of 17,100 euros in the version of gasoline. To opt for the diesel will have to shell out 17.800 euros. That if we talk about the versions with front-wheel drive. For those who want to equip all-wheel drive will have to pay 2,000 euros extra in each case. The Dacia Duster Black Touch will be placed in this mode finishes above Silver Line and Laureate Plus in France. No reservations in this country.

Source – Dacia

Dacia Duster Black Touch
Dacia Duster Black Touch
Dacia Duster Black Touch
Dacia Duster Black Touch

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