Dacia introduces the new Sandero and Logan, a change EDC and the engine SCe 75

Nuevo Dacia Logan

The new Dacia Logan during his presentation at the Paris Salon 2016.

as planned, Dacia has been unveiled at the Paris motor show 2016 a lot of news. The brand of the Renault Group has not disappointed and, in addition to showing the new Sandero and Logan (as well as their respective variants) with an updated design, Dacia has also introduced improvements in the equipment of its models as well as new mechanical options. Among which stands out the change of double clutch EDC and engine-SCe 75. If well, best let’s go by parts.

new Dacia Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero and Sandero Stepway premiered an exterior design up to date. Among the improvements that have been introduced in these four models, we have the new signature light Dacia. Both in the group of headlights and taillights. In the front, has redesigned the bumper and have added new chrome accents on the air intake grille. In the posterior area, in addition to the new signature bright, we also found a bumper redesigned.

The Dacia Sandero and Logan are put to the day

on the other hand and not less important, Dacia has updated the range of trims of the wheels and tires on aluminum. In the case of the Dacia Sandero Stepway, the new aesthetic are still more evident, and is echoed by the Duster. The calandra combines a very elegant tones of black and chrome accents. In the rear, a cannula chromed exhaust accentuates the adventurous and daring of the car.

Nuevo Dacia Sandero Stepway

The new Dacia Sandero Stepway, in vivo.

And what other developments we find in the new Sandero and Logan? If we get a return for their respective interiors, we see that the finishes have been improved and now there is more details satin chrome. The new steering wheel with four spokes presents a more attractive design while in the version with finish Soft Feel, the steering wheel stands out for its finish more durable and pleasant to the touch.

In the new Sandero Stepway, the handles interior of the doors are now chrome and add to the range new upholstery with textures and patterns that convey a more fresh. However, not all improvements in the finishes and the materials used Dacia has worked on improving the ergonomics and comfort. The brand has relocated electric windows front and rear. adding new storage spaces as the compartment-front for the mobile phone.

The design of the new center console includes a bottle holder in the rear. And speaking of the center console, according to the release, we will be able to enjoy a rear view camera to facilitate maneuvers aparcamiento.

Dacia - Cámara de Visión Posterior

Dacia improving the equipment of its models with the rear view camera, among other things.

Dacia introduces engine-SCe 75 and change EDC

From the time of the launch of the new Sandero and Logan, we will have at our disposal a range of seven engines. Among them, there is that to emphasize the new engine-SCe 1.0-litre with three cylinders and 75 HP. An engine of small displacement which provides an important saving in the fuel consumption and low emissions of CO2.

in Addition to this new engine, the Dacia has unveiled another major scoop. And it is the arrival of the gearbox double clutch EDC seven-speed. Will be available for the first time in a model of the brand, in particular, in the Dacia Duster. With this transmission, drivers of the Duster will be able to enjoy driving more simple and quiet. Incorporates the-start assist uphill.

For the moment, the change EDC will be available in the range of the Duster next to the engine dCi 110 4×2 S&S.

Nuevos Dacia Sandero y Sandero Stepway

Another great news is the arrival range of the engine SCe 1.0-litre 75 ps.