Dacia is preparing a new model that could be a compact crossover

Dacia is 50 years old and in your roadmap looks out a new model that will be able to know this year and that could be a new compact crossover.

Andn this 2018 Dacia is celebrating its 50 years of life and according to recent reports, the Romanian manufacturer is prepared a new model to celebrate his birthday, number fifty. It would be a compact crossover for the moment, unknown details.

The brand is now the property of Renault Group has not released garment whatsoever about this new vehicle, but the car is already contained in the diagram that details the 50 years history of the brand as part of the roadmap of the Romanian manufacturer, just below that of the new generation of the Duster presented recently.

Some reports indicate that it could be a version something more sophisticated of the Dacia Duster, that has already been confirmed for the Russian market, where the products of the brand Romanian are marketed with the logo of a rhombus. This is a new crossover from Renault that the next month of August will have his debut in the Automobile Salon Moscow.

But in addition, Dacia is already thinking about a new version of the Duster for certain markets in Asia, which take as base to the bodywork of the second-generation model recently introduced to the market, but it will be developed on the platform CMF-B also will use the fifth generation of the Renault Clio, an architecture that would later be adopted in the rest of the new models that launch Dacia.

Recall that the generational renewal of the Logan and Sandero are planned for 2019 and in its third generation, the successful models of the brand Romanian will make your transition to the new architecture.

By the time, the product planning manager of Dacia, Bruno Ancelin has not confirmed if this new compact crossover from Dacia will come to the markets of Europe, but taking into account that you could cut the sales of the Capture, maybe this new model is reserved for other regions.