Dacia Logan MCV Stepway, four Stepway in the range Dacia

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

If any car brand has been benefit from the inevitable economic crisis which leads us shaking so much time has been Dacia. Although it sounds strange and contradictory, the brand Romanian landed in our market at the beginning of the new century with a few cost effective products that made many customers to decantaran for any of their models in the last ten years. Now Dacia is tweaking and improving their products with the goal of keeping them on the day.

Several of their models feature a more adventurous, aesthetically speaking, as are the Dacia Sandero Stepway, Lodgy Stepway and Dokker Stepway. Now sum the new Logan MCV Stepway, the variant family-sedan Romanian. As we see in the different images, earn a lot of packaging over its predecessors of a few years ago, with a design far more attractive and details more care than previous occasions.

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

In this way, we find ourselves primarily with new headlights and pilot lights, updated bumpers, calender redesigned and some changes in the cabin; in addition to the elements that are often added in the versions Stepway as protections lower for the body. The Dacia Logan MCV Stepway also benefits from a free height to the floor to 50 mm above, which will improve some of their capabilities at the time of roll out of the asphalt. In any case, it remains to be an all-terrain vehicle.

If something can boast especially the Logan MCV Steptway (also the Logan MCV is “normal”) is to provide a tremendous boot, much higher than most cars exterior dimensions are similar. Dacia approvals nothing less than 573 litres and, from the mark, we reaffirm that it is the more volume between your competition.

Gama Dacia Stepway

This car will be presented next day 7 march at the Geneva motor show, but will not be alone. In the stand of the brand will accompany the new series “Globetrotter” that will be available across the range Stepway, that is to say, in the Sandero, Dokker, Lodgy and the protagonist, Logan MCV, bearing the surname Stepway.

Dacia Logan MCV
From 10.200 euro