Dacia reaches 3.5 million units sold


many brands would like to reach the pace of sales is Dacia, the “white label” of the Renault Group in this area of the planet. Beyond the borders of mediterranean and european, these cars are known as Renault, Nissan or Lada, but depart from the same mold, the platform M0.

A third of the sales correspond to the Duster

A mother of two children in the Uk has been awarded the Dacia number 3.5 million, specifically a Sandero Stepway. This country was the last in Western Europe to receive the mark, once was available for the manufacturing of cars with the steering wheel to the right.

Given that the Logan of the first generation started to sell in 2004, we are talking about a rather short period of time, almost 11 years. The keys by which Dacia has become a great success are not random, have nothing to do with chance or luck:

In a country as demanding on the car as it is Uk, this brand has managed to sell 62.000 cars since its introduction in April 2013. In the first half of the year, have exceeded 200,000 units in the european market. Except for 2011, Dacia has always sold more cars than the previous year. Fiat has already taken note of the formula for success, and plan to repeat it.