Dacia will reveal the update a good part of his range in Paris

Novedades de Dacia en el Salón de ParísDacia is a brand of Romanian origin that is associated with Renault for several years now, and that, thanks to this, they spread throughout Europe. Its main asset is to be a company with economic products that, while they are not at the height of the marks by general practitioners for quality, they bring with them virtually everything a driver can need. The economic crisis that is hitting us from several years ago, and the redesign of their products, that is not already on the san so difficult to see, pushed Dacia to the posts of higher sales.

Today is found with a range of models that need an update. Have been back quite a lot, both aesthetic and technological. Even so, in the year so far (up to the last day of August) the brand carries enrolled almost 32,000 units, which represent a growth of 4 % compared with the same period of time 2015.

To further leverage their products and not fall into oblivion, the brand Romanian will present, in the Paris motor show, a number of developments that will affect four of its models: Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan and Logan MCV. Dacia declares in their press release that “have been redesigned in depth in order to respond to the expectations of the customers”. Unfortunately, it has not given many details and booking virtually all of the information until the September 29 when it is presented at the appointment in paris.

Simply have left us a picture in which we can appreciate the new front of the four models that will receive the update at the end of the month. The changes at a glance we can identify come from the hand of a new grills front with four rectangular shapes in its interior that enhances the robustness of the models. We also find changes in illumination, with LED technology for the daytime running light and a division of each focus more and more marked.

The brand declares that in the interior there will also be changes with new equipment, upholstery, hollow slides, and a greater ergonomics. As they claim, there will be notable changes in the rear. In any case, we cannot advance much more until the mark provided all the details and images that correspond.