Daimler AG and BAIC already have operating its new factory in China

whether We like it or not, for now the future of the automotive sector in China. The saturation that is, to this day, the first car market in the world is not yet forthcoming, so that the car manufacturers still aspire to bite a piece of the pie. Within this pie, the houses that best portions have are the premium, because the chinese market is polarized into two masses, the poor and less affluent consumers acquiring vehicles of questionable quality and safety, and the most high and mighty that acquires vehicles from the signatures premium.

Mercedes-Benz, within Daimler AG, is one of the brands best positioned in this country. Have spent many years working to achieve the position that you have today, and as it is logical to make the hand of your faithful local partner BAIC. In this case, both firms have held the commissioning of which is its new production plant in the country. This new center is incorporated under the signature Beijing Benz Automotive Co (note that ahead are the chinese) and will be dedicated basically to the manufacture of batteries for electric cars.

As we all know China is the largest market in the world, not only of cars with a combustion engine, but also driven by batteries. This fact is possible thanks to the extensive aid that the government of this country to their citizens to acquire this type of vehicles. For this reason, Daimler AG it has not been doubted and it has been pulled out of the bag 655 million euros to carry out this new project.

Obviously has not done a single, so BAIC has also put of his part. This strategic move is framed within the master plan that was signed by the two firms and that includes the electrification of the model range of Mercedes-Benz in the year 2020. All in all, in their plans, it is not only the manufacture of batteries for electric cars on these facilities, but also complete vehicles once the plant is running and has covered its production capacity for the first well.

According to Markus Schäfer, a member of the Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz

“building this battery plant is the first step in the implementation of our strategy of electrification” […] “the production in china battery it is crucial to meet the demand of electric vehicles in this market of a flexible and efficient manner”

Another of the members of the Board of Directors of the German firm also stated that

“we are investing in the world’s largest market for electric vehicles; we hope that by the year 2020 the chinese market is one of the most important in sales of electric and hybrid vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, so we must ensure that our infrastructure can support this increase in sales”

bet of Mercedes-Benz for electric cars in China is very strong, and proof of this are the strong investment that is leading in this field. Will have to see if Tesla Motors and the Cia will not chafan plans in the country.

Source – Daimler – BAIC

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