Daimler AG will build a new engine factory in Poland

Mercedes-AMG GT - motor

The engine of the Mercedes-AMG GT to detail.

Daimler AG continued to make strides in its particular expansion of the Mercedes-Benz brand and the proof is the recent announcement that they have done. Neither more nor less than the agreement for the construction of a new factory of engines. The German group has confirmed the agreement for the construction of which will be its first factory located in Jawor, a town in the southwest of Poland.

As we say, a plant will be manufactured various engines employed by the group in its brands. For the construction of this new factory engines, Daimler AG will have to face a investment of approximately 500 million euros. Once the facilities are ready for production, will be manufactured in both engines petrol and diesel four-cylinder.

it Is expected that this factory is ready to produce engines beginning in the year 2019 and after the factory of Daimler (together with his local partner) in Beijing (China), will be the second that you find outside the borders of Germany. As we say, this is another step in the international expansion plans of the group and, in particular Mercedes. For the moment it is not known the annual production capacity of engines that will have this factory.

Acuerdo entre Polonia y Daimler AG

Agreement between the Government of Poland and Daimler AG for the construction of a new factory of engines.

And since we are talking about factories of Daimler, it seems to me interesting to recall the rumors come to circulate in the network and that speak of the possible construction of a factory, but, this time of cars, which would also be located outside the country of German. A factory in which were produced those models of Mercedes-Benz that use the architecture MRA. That is to say, models such as the Class C, Class GLC or Class E.

confirmed such information, this new plant also would be located in Poland. And is that in this way could benefit from the local production of four cylinder engines diesel and gasoline used by the cars of Mercedes-Benz.