Daimler filter the main and upcoming presentations of Mercedes and Smart


New planning of presentations 2016-2017 Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

The same Group Daimler has been the manager of reveal a good part of their product planning of the next 18 months, to publish in one of its reports of financial results, a scheme in which we can find upcoming presentations-both from Mercedes-Benz how Smart.

In this scheme we have been able to find from authentic scoops up some of the innovations in Engine.it is because I had given some advance exclusive months ago, how is the case of the future Mercedes E-Class Allroad. Version of which I spoke in the mid of the last month of December 2015, where we set out, the arrival of this new version with the tints off road class E.

After the designation E-Class All Terrain, we find the rival Mercedes to the Audi A6 Allroad, like this, will be endowed with a body raised and protections plastic to highlight the character and the image of off-road of this new variant.

Based on the body and Estate of the new E-Class and combined exclusively with the transmission 4Matic, the new model will not arrive until 2017 at the market, coinciding with the new variant coupe 2-door and cabrio E-Class, whose releases have also been revealed in the planning of the filtered product by Daimler.

In the crossover segment, the main novelty of 2017 will be the redesign of the GLA, the version of the SUV Class of Mercedes. This model not only has to face the new X1 but in short you need to deal with the future X2, the sports version of the small crossover from BMW.

At the other end of the spectrum are the restyling of the S-Class Mercedes, presented in 2013 and in 2017 will have his due image refresh.


New Mercedes AMG GT R, the version more suitable for track with 585 horses.

finally, we called powerfully the attention the creation of a new version of the AMG GT. Called AMG GT C, will have both variants of the body-coupe and cabrio, this being the first convertible version of the model coming to the market.

while we waited the arrival of a version roadster
the sporty Mercedes-AMG, we don’t know for sure as it will be
positioned this new version C on the range of sports. This acronym
could refer to a new version “Competition”, character
even more sporty and radical than the existing ones, as a new variant
“Comfort” more accessible
and located at the base of the range.

But the fact
that is going to be filed shortly after the arrival of the new and
radical AMG GT R, in addition to that you will be in the same year with the new
open body, makes us think that is more possible the option of a
new variant of access and lightly decaffeinated in the AMG GT
, although it is also possible that corresponds to a
simple update of the current variants, AMG GT and AMG GT S.