Daimler investigates in the united States the emissions of the diesel engine of your Mercedes

At the request of the united States, Daimler is studying the diesel engines BlueTEC their Mercedes-Benz, for possible fraud related to the certification of pollutant emissions.

Mercedes-Benz E 300 BlueTEC request Department of Justice, Daimler is conducting an internal investigation related to the process of certification of pollutant emissions exhaust from the diesel engines that are marketed in the Mercedes-Benz that are marketed at united States.

This occurs after a lawsuit jointly filed the step month of February by the owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, stating that los diesel models of the brand violated the emissions standards in force in the united States. This was amended by a second action pressed this same month, in which it is argued that the vehicles may contain a ‘device deactivation’, which could override a system designed to reduce the pollution of oxides of nitrogen at the exit of the exhaust.

according to the lawyers that take the case, new evidence would have shown that cars Mercedes equipped with engines BlueTEC produce levels of emissions nitrogen oxide higher in the tests carried out on the road, in front of the tests carried out in laboratory conditions.

while in principle this sounds quite logical, Daimler has decided to cooperate in order to achieve clarification of the situation and act accordingly in front of possible signs of irregularities, taking the necessary measures.

Analysts believe that it could be the use of a emission control device, auxiliary (AECD), an element that is used to improve the energy efficiency. This does not mean that a device is misleading, as in the case of Volkswagen, but ma well of a device that helps to reduce the fuel consumption. In addition, the engines of the family engines BlueTEC turn to the injection of AdBlue ® , on the basis of urea to neutralize harmful gases.