Daimler will invest 10,000 million euros for the development of electric cars

Mercedes Generation EQ Concept

The Mercedes Generation EQ Concept we anticipate the coming electric vehicles of Mercedes-Benz.

During the last Paris motor show 2016 the guys from Mercedes-Benz unveiled to the world its intentions regarding the electric vehicle. The mark of the star is working (like others) in a whole family of electric cars that we anticipated through the Mercedes Generation EQ Concept. The offensive of Mercedes will be very strong and proof of that is the investment that you have to make Daimler to carry to good term all of these projects that they are working on.

In statements to a half-German, Daimler has announced that it will invest 10,000 million euros for the development of electric cars. Well said Stuttgarter Zeitung, Head of Research and Development of Daimler, assuring that these economic resources, in addition to developing new vehicles, we also will seek to improve the technology current with new batteries, more economic, durable and more capacity.

, we Could say that one of the goals that seeks to Daimler is to get the technology needed to to reduce the cost of development and production electric vehicles that will launch the market in a few years. In this way, to reduce their price and increase their autonomy considerably with respect to today’s electric cars, expect to offer a product more attractive face to the public interested in the electric vehicle but that, for one reason or another did not end up taking the plunge.

Mercedes Generation EQ Concept

To realize these projects, Daimler will have to put on the table 10,000 million euros.

“by the year 2025 we want to develop 10 electric cars based on the same architecture. To reach goal we will make an investment of 10,000 million euros”.

in Addition, Sttutgarter Zeitung revealed that three of these ten vehicles to be of great size, equip a battery pack larger to reach a range of up to 700 kilometers. And although there are not many details about the electric vehicles that will launch Daimler, at least six of them will be focused to compete directly with the models of Tesla and Volkswagen.

Returning to the Generation EQ Concept, its production version (one of these ten electric cars) will be positioned as an alternative to the Tesla Model X and the imminent Q6 e-tron of Audi. In the case of the prototype, it had two electric motors with a power output of approximately 400 horsepower and a driving range of around 480 kilometres.