Daimler wins the pulse of the air-conditioned DuPont and Honeywell: the first consequences


Daimler is able to comply with the european directive EU2006/40/EC without the use of exclusively gas Honeywell-Dupont

Daimler is benefitting from it, temporarily, for a period of grace to make the transition from gas air conditioning R-134a to a new one of our own production, until 2017. It does so with the approval of the certification authority Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) of Germany, which found that the HFO-1234yf gas could be dangerous in cars brand Mercedes-Benz, if you had leaks on hot engine parts.

why? The circuit of air conditioning in the compact class (A, B, GLA and CLA) was designed prior to knowing the chemical properties of the new refrigerant gas, which is used in the European Union since 2013. Then, in a crash test, discovered that could cause a fire and release toxic gases.

That gas is already used in the Class SL, and the cars were called to review to replace the gas again by the above, the R-134a. The manufacturer of the refrigerant gas, Honeywell-Dupont, admits that there is the risk of fire in certain models, and that they should redesign your circuit of air conditioning. The gas of the previous generation did not present that problem.


Until 2017, Daimler will continue using the R-134a gas for safety reasons. Using the HFO-1234yf gas had to make major reforms in their circuits of air conditioning

And then Daimler decided to create his own coolant, based on carbon dioxide (CO2). For a start, we are talking about a gas that’s left over to kicks on the planet, and that in the event of leakage of the cooling circuit, is harmless. Would be as harmless as the expiration of any living being.

In 2017, before the entry into force of the directive eradicates in Europe R-134a, the E-Class and S-Class will feature this new gas. According to Daimler, it will comply with the requirements of respect for the environment, and will provide more security than the HFO-1234yf gas Honeywell-Dupont, since it can’t burn.

Daimler is not saved, the development for himself, he has worked with other manufacturers and suppliers so that they can implement the same solution in their ranges in the future. This is a hack in the crotch-forgive the expression – for Honeywell-Dupont, as it will lose the monopoly of recharging of refrigerant gas.


In less than two years will reach the market the first cars with CO2 as refrigerant

One of the particularities of the new gas is that works to a lot of pressure, 100 bars. Therefore all the hoses, pipes, and joints should be designed with more affection. For when you have to do refills of gas from 2017, for the repair of circuits of models already in circulation, the conversion to the new gas I don’t think that is anything of economic models prepared for gases of lower pressure.

The new gas complies with the DIN standards

As in 2017 may not have the full range of Mercedes-Benz and smart converted to the new gas, the other classes will be adapted to operate with HFO-1234yf, by legal imperative. To avoid possible explosions, the engineers at Daimler have patented a system that releases the inert gas argon in the most hot, making it difficult to light the flames.

In a simpler language, Daimler will happen by the ring of the gas-Honeywell-Dupont, but only temporarily. The aim long term is that all of their cars to use the new gas, based on CO2, which does not present problems of safety. The press release of Daimler does not tell us if the new gas is cheaper than the HFO-1234yf, although it is likely that this is so.

Name chemical Name climate change Potential (GWP)
R-134a tetrafluoroethane 1.430
HFO-1234yf tetrafluoropropeno 4
New gas Daimler
carbon dioxide 1

long-term, certainly join also other manufacturers gas-developed by Daimler, for the simple reason that it is an alternative. Now Honeywell-Dupont has the frying pan by the handle: if the only gas legal is the your thing, you can manipulate the market at their whim, and you will not be missing customers never.

The refrigerant gases are not only sold to new car, also for the refills in the workshops. Is a very lucrative business, especially if the gas is used in tens of millions of cars. The system of Daimler surely allows you to spend less money on gas, although the development of the circuit is more complicated than normal, to operate at higher pressure.

For the moment we do not have technical specifications of the new gas of Daimler, or its chemical composition. The press release says that it is more secure and that it will comply with the environmental regulations, but they say nothing of if you penalize the fuel consumption of the cars. Yes, ensure that in any kind of weather, the air conditioning will provide the comfort you expect from high-end models of Mercedes-Benz.