Dakar 2016, a few days before the toughest rally in the world

Dakar 2016The first car competition of the year is always the Dakar Rally, beginning the first day of January. This 2016 will be held the 37th edition of the Dakar, which is considered the toughest rally in the world. The day 2 of January we will celebrate the feast of beginning of the Dakar 2016 in Buenos Aires, with the podium of departure and the prologue, although the stages qualifying will take place between days 3 and 16 January, with the exception of day 10 of January, that there shall be no rest in the race.

This year, the Dakar 2016 will travel through the lands of Argentina and Bolivia. Peru withdrew on the month of August due to the bad weather forecasts for the phenomenon of “the Child”, although the extreme heat and the rains may affect some stages of the bolivian territory. Will be a total of 13 stages in which the greatest difficulty is to focus on the second part, after the rest day.

dakar-2015-etapa-7-1This year, there will be two marathon stages and, again, according to stages, there will be paths to separate trucks or cars and trucks. The penultimate day will be the longest stage, with 931 kilometres of the route, with 481 special, although the longest special will be played on January 8 with Uyuni as a point of departure and destination, with 542 miles. The total test exceeds 9,000 kilometres, with almost half of special.

The marathon stages will be played in the stages 6 and 7, as well as in the 9 and 10. Yes, there will be an added difficulty and that is that nor the drivers will be able to work on vehicles, so that you preserve the mechanics will be vital. All vehicles must take the two stages without any intervention.

Stages Dakar 2016

Recorrido Dakar 2016

Stage Day Tour KM special KM
Prologue 2 January Buenos Aires – Rosario
1 January 3 Rosario – Villa Carlos Paz 258 662
2 January 4 Villa Carlos Paz – Termas de Rio Hondo 521 858
3 5 January Termas de Rio Hondo – Jujuy 314 663
4 6 January Jujuy – Jujuy 429 629
5 7 January Jujuy – Uyuni 327 642
6 8 January Uyuni – Uyuni 542 723
7 January 9 Uyuni – Salta 353 793
Rest January 10 Jumps
8 January 11, Jump – Bethlehem 393 766
9 January 12 Bethlehem – Bethlehem 285 436
10 13 January Bethlehem – The Rioja 278 561
11 January 14 La Rioja – San Juan 431 712
12 January 15 San Juan – Villa Carlos Paz 481 931
13 16 of January Villa Carlos Paz – Rosario 180 699

Spanish in the Dakar 2016

Nani Roma

Nani Roma part as one of the favorites in the car category

In this Dakar 2016 there are 354 vehicles registered, with a total of 556 participants from 60 different nationalities. In total will be fought on the tracks 143 bikes, 46 quads, 110 cars, and 55 trucks.

There are 39 Spanish participants, among which stand out on the bikes, Joan Barreda, Jordi Viladoms and Laia Sanz. The Spanish representation in quads comes from the hand of Covadonga Fernández, Eduardo Marcos and Alberto Prieto. In cars, undoubtedly Carlos Sainz and Nani Roma are the two spaniards that more options have to win in the general. Pep Vila and Jordi Juvanteny will be the only drivers of trucks spaniards, who have already accumulated many years of experience behind their backs.

the events of The Dakar 2016

Sébastien Loeb Peugeot Dakar 2016

Sébastien Loeb is the promising new signing to the Peugeot team

The Dakar 2016 is going to be special in many aspects. The first is that Marc Coma, withdrawn of the competition after winning the Dakar rally five times with KTM, will be the new sporting director of the race and will be forced to make important decisions that can be critical to the development of the Dakar 2016. On the other hand, its absence in the motorcycle category leave the category without any rider winning a title, so the champion on two wheels this year will be “new”, perhaps this might be the year of Joan Barreda.

The category of cars promises to be again interesting. Peugeot has redesigned the 2008 DKR after the bad results this year and if all goes well could end the hegemony of MINI. Without a doubt, the developments in the buggy along with the incorporation of Sebastien Loeb the Peugeot team are raising many expectations. Peugeot has in its ranks with other pilots of the first line, as Carlos Sainz, Cyril Despres and Stéphane Peterhansel.