Dakar 2016, guide: Tour, participants and other details


¡do Not miss a detail! The Dakar 2016 take a walk and in
Engine.is put all the meat on the grill
to follow the development of the raid
more hard of the world. Each day you will be able to enjoy the chronicle of what happened and
the statements of the winners, in addition to news of last hour. Before starting our follow-up test,
we have prepared this ‘Guide of the Dakar in 2016’ in which you’ll be able to consult the
route of each stage (with links to their direct), the participants, the
television coverage and the best stories of the Dakar on our website.

Route and stages

To 9,000 kilometers in total, most of 4.5000
miles timed
, 15 days of competition 13 stages…
Dakar 2016 presents a journey hard and demanding despite the absences of
Chile and Peru on his ‘map’ end. The test has lost some of its
features and has won stages of fast tracks own rally
high-speed. In spite of this will be a raid very complex at all
senses, as there can be no other way.

Day* Stage Output Arrival Km. link Km. special Key Point**
2 January Prologue Buenos Aires Rosary 335 km 11 km Order output
3 January Stage 1 Rosary V. Carlos Paz 404 km 258 km Track winding
4 January Stage 2 V. Carlos Paz T. Rio Hondo 336 km 510 km fast Stage
5 January Stage 3 T. Rio Hondo S. S. de Jujuy 350 km 314 km Ski mountain
6 January Stage 4 S. S de Jujuy S. S. de Jujuy 200 km 429 km Marathon Stage
7 January Stage 5 S. S de Jujuy Flats 314 km 327 km maximum Altitude
8 January Stage 6 Flats Flats 180 km 542 km longest Special
9 January Stage 7 Flats Jumps 481 km 336 km Many rivers
10 of enero Descanso Rest Day
11 January Stage 8 Jumps Bethlehem 373 km 394 km First dunes
12 January Stage 9 Bethlehem Bethlehem 111 km 285 km Marathon Stage
13 January Stage 10 Bethlehem Rioja 485 km 278 km Dunes in Fiambalá
14 January Stage 11 Rioja San Juan 281 km 431 km Fesh – Fesh
15 January Stage 12 San Juan Villa Carlos Paz 450 km 481 km longest Day
16 January Stage 13 Villa Carlos Paz Rosary 518 km 180 km a Number of grounds

* The links link to the direct of each stage.

** links link to the detailed route of each stage.



136 bikes, 45 quads, 111 cars and 55 trucks are the official participants that will take this Dakar 2016. Each pilot, co-pilot and
team come to this raid with a story behind and with a goal, more or
less ambitious. During the test, many will be left by the road, but that
does not diminish the efforts that have been made to be in the output of the test.

Among them all, there are a total of 40 enrolled under the flag of Spain. There are Spanish riders that will fight for victory in each category, and others who come with the aim of being able to finish the test, by be a beginner or have aspirations are more humble. Of the 40 spaniards, 20 competing in motorcycles and quads, while the other 20 contested the Dakar in cars and trucks.

Speaking of favorites in an event like this is really complicated, but on the paper there are riders and teams called to fight in this Dakar stage victories, the podium and in the last instance by the long-awaited ‘Touareg’. In Engine.is we have picked 15 favourites in the bikes and quads and 15 other favorites on cars and trucks.

List of people registered on Bikes —- registered List of Quads

List of registered Cars —- List of people registered in Camiones



Teledeporte and Eurosport are the two chains of reference to follow the Dakar 2016 by television. The two thematic channels will provide summaries of each of the stages of the test under a similar format to the other editions.

Teledeporte will a program to 22:30 hours under the mandate of Toni Buron. Carlos Sotelo and Rafa Tibau will be the commentators and technicians no shortage of guests in each day. The special programme with all the Spanish riders are issuing this 2 of January at 22:30 hours.

For its part, Eurosport emits a summary of 30 minutes to 23:00 hours with Javier Rubio at the helm. However, the thematic channel of payment will have a program prior around 20:00 to give the images of the arrival, review the first few results and give the first strokes of what happened in each stage.

The third option is reserved for the Catalan public or to the rest of
Spain through its website, are the daily summaries of Esport 3. In this case
the person responsible for keeping the program is Frances Latorre. You will have the support of
Isidre Esteve. This program will be broadcasted at 21:00h.


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