Dakar 2016, is a pre-Favorite in bikes and quads


The Dakar is a test unpredictable and in the edition of 2016, with the
a different tour to the usual it can be even more. Talk about
favorites in a raid of this level is complicated, but on the
paper there are drivers and teams that are called to fight for the victories of
stage, by the podium and in the last instance by the final triumph and the long awaited
‘Touareg’. In motorcycles there is a duel between Honda and KTM for the win, while in the quads there are five proper names. This is the list of favorite cars and
trucks for the Dakar 2016


Honda or KTM. The category of bikes looking for new champion after the departure of Marc Coma and the truth is that it would be very strange that the winner of the edition 2016 didn’t come out of the ranks of one of the two brands, although anything can happen. Paulo Gonçalves (#2) and Joan Barreda (#6) are the two strongest rider of Team HRC Rally and the that by speed and experience should carry the voice singer within the team. However, we must be very attentive to what you can achieve Michael Metge (#19) as a backpacker’s own Joan Barreda.

The low Sam Sunderland has been a hard blow for the KTM, but the formation of the austrian have pilots that can pull gallons. Jordi Viladoms (#11) and Matthias Walkner (#14) are the two pilots called to lead the team, but that does not mean that they are the only pilots called to fight for great objectives. Toby Price (#3) will also be an alternative to take into account, while Laia Sanz (#12) and Pablo Quintanilla (#4) can give you more of a surprise. The chilean Quintanilla competes with a Husqvarna that is almost identical to the KTM 450 Rally, being the leading rider of the subsidiary of KTM.

project solvent and his extensive experience make Helder Rodrigues (#7) in another of the favorites. The veteran pilot is the big bet of Yamaha, to be perhaps its weak point the own Yamaha WR450F. Ruben Faria (#8) is the other official driver of Husqvarna, with material KTM first-hand. The list of favorites that we have developed close Joan Pedrero (#17) in its condition of official pilot of Sherco and Olivier Pain (#10). Even so, Alain Duclos (#20) with the other Sherco and Javier Pizzolito (#22) with the Honda semi-official will have things to say.



The list of favorites for the quads we’ve reduced it to five participants. The first is the current champion, Rafal Sönik (#250). Competes with a quadricycle Yamaha and rack up three consecutive podiums, being regularly in the top five since he made his debut in the Dakar in 2009. Only builds up a abandonment. His biggest rival during the past three years has been Ignacio Casale (#251). The chilean also competes with the Yamaha and is the winner of the Dakar 2014, he Was second in 2013 and had to leave in the last edition when he fought for the lead on the stage 10.

Both Sönik as Casale I have left two against some very strong opponents and at the moment I have stolen the limelight prior to the Dakar. The hermanos Patronelli are back after four years of absence of the elder brother and two younger. Marcos Patronelli (#252) and Alejandro Patronelli (#253) have completed all of their presences in the Dakar with a podium or win, except in 2014 when Mark had to leave. With two titles each, in addition to competing against the rest of rivals, also do it in a healthy way among themselves.

With a track record of a lot more discreet in the Dakar, but with a good role in various tests on the World Cross-Country, Mohammed Abu-Issa (#255) is the latest favorite. The pilot qatar is the only race with a quad Honda, but it has shown very good manners. Was fourth in the Dakar 2014, and in 2015 he had to leave, but as we say has a remarkable performance in other tests. On the sidelines of the five favorites, three pilots in south america they are called to give alternative. Are Jeremiah Gonzalez (#254), Nelson Walter Nosiglia (#256) and Augusto Sanabria (#257).