Dakar 2016: Marcos Patonelli came back to beat


When Marcos Patronelli suffered a crash in the third stage of the Dakar 2014, many thought that he was going to follow the path of his brother. With your quad completely destroyed, the worst fears were fulfilled, and the small of the saga, he resigned to compete in the edition 2015 for focus on the family business as did his brother Alexander after his last participation in 2012. However, they both went back to feel the call of the Dakar and telling again with the support of Yamaha Argentina and Red Bull-only in the case of Mark- decided to return to the ‘your test’.

With the hermanos Patronelli back in 2016, the list of aspirants to the ‘Touareg’ quads took on a new dimension, although of the same shape as the expectations grew in the beginning of the test were deflating with the elapse of the stages. And is that the horde of riders who have shone in the absence of the Patronelli were falling under the yoke of the hardness of the Dakar. Rafal Sönik with technical problems in his quad, Marcelo Madeiros with a sharp drop and the arab Mohammed Abu-Issa you were out of the race in the first week.


The race is finished put a face to the brothers Patronelli
in the sixth stage
with the abandonment of Ignacio Casale, the last
survivor. With the lower chile, the Dakar was left in the hands of the
brothers Patronelli, as in years gone by. Alejandro and Marcos Patronelli is not
had any opponent
and in their hands was to decide the next winner of
the test. With two ‘Touareg’ to Alexander and so many others, for Frames,
the race turned into a playoff with the air of a holiday. And is that
away from the competitiveness of a company as remarkable,
brothers Patronelli have worked as a team

Patronelli has added its third ‘Touareg’ after achieving three wins
, while Alejandro Patronelli has added a triumph part
and finished second. The Dakar is almost perfect for both, but that the
finish leaves a name only for the headlines. And is that Marcos Patronelli
since is the rider with the most titles in the category of quads since the
category unfolded with the arrival of the test to South america. Not only
adds three titles by two of his brother or the crowns harvested by
Sönik, Casal and Machacek, but also is the pilot with more
stage wins (19)